The Isocial Media Network provides a subscription-based tournament style game platform that enables brands to be matched to relevant and highly engaged players when they are most relaxed; at play. At play, is proven to be one of the most effective times to drive purchase and brand preference.

Our company works directly with leading lifestyle brands to create compelling and engaging social media community experiences that communicate and guarantee brand value and consumer loyalty.

Leading brands such as BMW, Subway, The Home Depot, Land Rover, and Verizon Wireless are already participating in this next big marketing trend…These leading brands are offered an unprecedented average user session length of up to 67 minutes per player. WIN-WIN relationships combine and leverage a partner’s brand, distribution and marketing capability with the value, engagement and cutting edge technology of the Isocial Media Network. Players have a comfortable, engaging experience with the brand they know and trust…Your Brand!


Are you looking to reach millions of people with focused product placement
and brand recognition in an at-play social media environment that you control?

It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged.

According to The Financial Times in their July 18, 2019 article, Facebook Ad Prices Soar More Than 74%:

“Growth in spending on social media will outpace that of search this year, Efficient Frontier predicts, although only a small proportion of search-marketing budgets are being redeployed into Facebook, whose estimated advertising revenues of $2bn last year lag far behind Google’s $28bn.”