The Isocial Media Network is your answer through a targeted social media platform that contains a suite of fun and entertaining 3-D fantasy games that you control and manage. Our team will customize your branded content into the games that we offer and place your products as the rewards... making games more entertaining for players and increasing visibility of your products. Your target audience gets engaged. You achieve results. And everybody has a fun social experience.

The monthly subscription fees paid by players provide a recurring revenue stream for your brand. Currently, Zynga free-play Poker has an estimated 270 Million Registered Players on Facebook and it costs $3 to buy chips in their social media environment, and the chips go away each day.

Almost anyone with a brand – can create a custom branded subscription-based tournament-style gaming environment on the network and sign up their own players. The good news is that these players will always have games to join, which is the major factor players look for in any at-play environment. We can make that guarantee because iSocial is a part of the one of the largest gaming platforms in the world, drawing players from all over the planet.

We offer cutting-edge gaming software and 24-hour customer support from more than 300 employees with offices worldwide. They are prompt, responsive, and at your service. They get the job done quickly and can have your fully-customized gaming environment activate within a month and you can hit the ground running with deploying your marketing programs.

Powered by the ISGN, The Isocial Media Network’s flagship product, is a leading free-play 3-D fantasy games network offering players competitive tournaments for prizes in an environment that’s U.S. legal, free, and safe. The Isocial Media Network provides each player with a diverse selection of fantasy games tournaments to enjoy, many of which are sponsored by celebrities, national brands and manufacturers, movie studios, and other marketers seeking to present their products to this highly engaged casual game audience. All subscription-based tournament style games are for prizes and are not cash games nor do they provide cash payouts of any kind.

Legal Disclaimer: The Isocial Media Network operates under the sweepstakes laws in 38 of the 50 United States. It is not a gambling website. Void where prohibited by law. Access to the site may not be legal for some or all residents of’ or persons present in’ certain jurisdictions. It is the player´s responsibility to determine the law that applies in the applicable jurisdiction’ and we do not make any representation or warranty’ express or implied’ as to the lawfulness of a player´s participation in the free poker tournament sweepstakes’ or that materials on this site are appropriate for use in a player´s jurisdiction. We do not intend that the site be used by persons present in jurisdictions in which the playing of card games for free or entering sweepstakes may be prohibited or restricted. All brands, copyrights, trademarks, and patents referenced are the sole property of the brands and companies registered as owners of said intellectual property and have not been modified or used in any way other than as a reference.